Beautiful BSL Service offers training courses, British Sign Language courses and Deaf Awareness Training.

      • British Sign LanguageAll courses are taught by a fully qualified teacher / assessor. Please contact us.
      • Deaf Awareness Training
      • Basic Sign Language
      • Communication Tactics
      • Short Course
      • Private BSL Tuition
      • BSL Company Training
      • One to One

Did you know?

      • there are 9 million deaf people in UK
      • 8.3 million people are hard of hearing
      • 250,000 people experience some level of dual sensory loss
      • 123,000 are deafened people
      • 50,000 are Deaf BSL users
      • 24,000 are deaf-blind people
      • The older you are the more likely you are to have a hearing loss

Deaf awareness training is available to organisations, groups and individuals.